Manual Patient Lift
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Toilet Seat Lift
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Provide a safe and easy way
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Intelligent Electric Wheelchair
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GuangDong Xiao Ai Health Care Technology Co., Ltd.

Xiao Ai Technology has been taking showing respect and care to the patient and the elderly as the company’s design idea, which based on human, connected with human and focused on human.

Intelligent Electric Wheelchair
Manual Patient Lift
Electric Patient Lift

Service for the patient and the elderly

Our main products are Iintelligent electric wheelchair, four in one multifunction patient transfer lift, fashionable intelligent toilet seat lift and multifunction electric shower bed etc.We have been trying our best to create the new modern rehabilitaion medical equipment with all function, green, fashion and technology in one.


Electric Patient Lift XAKJ-DYW-00

 This lifter provides paralysis or people with leg injury a safety transfer between foor,wheelchair, toilet and bed.
 The frame is made of SS304 stainless steel, and it's stabel and comfortable.
 The lifter is portable and foldable.
Four inches of the front twin casters.Four inches of rear casters with brake.
Pedal type leg expansion.
Intelligent elevator control system.With 24V rechargeable battery.

Manual Patient Lift XAKJ-YW-00

 This lifter provides paralysis or people with leg injury a safety transfer between wheelchair, toilet, bed, and car.
The frame is made of stainless steel, and it’s stable and comfortable.
Manual lifting system, seat in easy, with attached toilet seat.
Easy to use , transferring people to any place they like easily.
Movable wheels with locking system, stable and safe.
The lifter is portable and foldable, carrying easily.


  • 25-10-2019

    Our Company

    Foshan Shunde Xiao Ai Health Care Technology Co., Ltd was set up in 2016. It locates in the economy , politics and culture center---- Daliang Shunde , Foshan City, a district close to Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Shenzhen, etc. , and the transportation is very convenient. Xiao Ai Technology is a profession

GuangDong Xiao Ai
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